The ultimate man cave: June 2017.

The Ultimate Man Cave monthly showcase begins here

There will always be much debate about what the ultimate man cave really is. Is it one that has utilised thousands of dollars to create? Is it one that has been years in the planning? I would say it is neither or both. Sometimes, to be classed as ultimate, you just need to do what you feel in your bones, budget or no budget, and when someone sees it they go “wow”. Simple as that. Every month we will be showcasing a man cave that we feel fits the bill as ultimate. It neither has to be grand, wacky, expensive or indulgent, but it does have to grab our attention. However, we do not just want to scour the internet looking for the ultimate man cave, we want you to show us yours. We would much rather showcase your man caves than those that happen to be searchable online. So drop us a line with either links to your manly dwelling or send your pictures directly to us at and we will begin our monthly man cave showcase. The owner of the chosen man cave each month will receive a fantastic Man Cave Hideout t-shirt. Cool eh?

Ultimate Man Cave

Sometimes the best man caves were not intended to be man caves at all

So with all that said, the first man cave we will be showcasing this month goes against everything I just said. This is a celebrity man cave that doesn’t even know it is a man cave. Because we are a new website we have yet to gain the traffic required for submissions to start rolling in. Hopefully this time next month that will be different. Until then, we have been left with scouring the internet looking for the ultimate man cave. It would have been easy to seek out the richest, most tastefully done. A simple YouTube search would have solved our problem. But I decided to go a bit left-field with this one. Just because I can. I have no doubt many people will be disagreeing with me and demanding I be burned at the stake for proposing such preposterous notions. So be it. This is my site and all that…

Ultimate man cave? Surely I am cheating? No I am not

Anyway, the man cave I am proposing as this month’s ultimate man cave is Paisley Park. Uh? I hear you ask. WTF? I hear you explete. Yup. The place Prince used to call home. The place Prince built for himself in the mid 80s in order to hole himself up and do the only thing he knew how to do – make music. Now I can hear you asking, if you are going to go down this route then why not Graceland or Neverland? The distinction between those places and Paisley Park are like night and day. Both Elvis’ and Michael’s pads were extravagant celebrity homes. They had as much wonder outside as they did inside. They were built to show off wealth and serve as a home. They were homes not just to the superstars in question, but to their families and staff as well.

Ultimate Man Cave

Paisley Park on the other hand looks from the outside like any old factory on the outskirts of Minneapolis. It was not designed to look like anything much from the outside. It wasn’t even built in an exotic location. Everything about Paisley Park is what is going on inside and what it was used for. Whilst it is true that Prince was married a couple of times, his wives or girlfriends hardly ever called Paisley Park their home. He had other places around the world for that. Prince would often spend a lot of time alone at Paisley Park without even any security. In fact, he died there alone too.

Paisley Park is in your heart

Prince would often throw parties at Paisley Park. Not the usual celebrity parties, but parties for his fans. He would perform on the sound stage he had built within his man cave very often. He would even shoot movies there too. Within the complex there were several music studios where Prince could create until his heart’s content. There was a small living area and bedroom upstairs as well as his office, but the predominant features of Paisley Park were about creating music, playing music, practising tours and throwing parties for fans. If this is not the ultimate man cave then I do not know what is.

Ultimate Man Cave

Prince built Paisley Park to function the way he wanted it to. He had no regard for it’s external appearances and it was certainly no show-boating architectural mouth piece that shouted “look at me!”. No, it is discreet yet entirely of Prince’s creation designed to do one thing only – serve whatever the man’s whim was on any particular day. It was his getaway from the celebrity shackles he lived his life in. And when Prince wanted alone time, it was here that he went.

Nothing wrong with pastel colours when your name is Prince

But what about all the feminine touches? What about all those pastel colours? Sure, Prince was not afraid of his feminine side but let us go through a few things just to cement Paisley Park as the ultimate man cave. Signs and posters adorning the walls? Check. Including many golden and platinum discs. Motorcycle fully restored and shiny new on display as a centre piece? Check. A bar and comfortable man cave seating for friends to lounge around in? Check. He even included a whole stage for his friends to watch live music shows when there wasn’t a big game on for everyone to watch.

This month’s ultimate man cave is now a museum… Sadly.

Sadly, Prince is no longer with us but Paisley Park still stands and now the rest of the world can visit and pay homage to the great genius. Is it still a man cave? I would have to say no. It is now a museum, but whilst Prince was with us, Paisley Park was the ultimate man cave. It was built by one the worlds greatest creative minds and one of the worlds most secretive and private men. Just that alone makes Paisley Park an ultimate man cave. Not convinced? Take a look at the official Paisley Park website for more insight into this great building.

Want to know more about Prince? The best way to do that is to listen to the music. We have summarised all of his albums so that you can decide where to start in discovering the genius of Prince. Every man cave should have Prince as an option when it comes to choosing your man cave music.

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