Sea King Helicopter Man Caves

Sea King Helicopter Man Caves – What? Really?

sea king helicopter man caves

This is relatively old news but I thought it would be worth repeating because it is a great story. No, you didn’t read the title wrong, Sea King Helicopter Man Caves are a reality. You can, if you want, buy one of these right now (as and when available at least anyway).

Sea King helicopters retired by the Ministry of Defence in the UK are being sold off to make sheds and man caves throughout the country. These helicopters used to be the Royal Navy’s go-to chopper and were valued for their flexibility and reliability. Originally, they were designed for anti-submarine warfare and were regularly used in sea and land rescues later on.

Sikorsky SH-61’s were built under license in Britain and named Sea Kings. I’m not sure the intention was to build Sea King helicopter man caves, but because they were so popular amongst pilots and their posters adorned boy’s bedroom walls everywhere, their popularity continues beyond their working usefulness. So this battle hardened rescuing machine is to live on and provide further joy to men and boys for decades to come.

And they still have some left if you really want one

sea king helicopter man caves

Over 20 of the aircraft can still be flown today and are expected to be sold off to private pilots or commercial firms according to Witham’s MD Paul Southerington. The remaining hulks can be bought to serve literally any other purpose, including Sea King helicopter man caves.

“Sea Kings are being sold for upmarket garden sheds or man caves. One guy was going to put a bedroom and sitting room in it,” said Southerington. “The sky’s the limit with what you can do with one. They are made of aluminium (aluminum to those in the US) so they never rust or rot.”

The nonoperational Sea Kings are being priced between £10,000 and £20,000. All of the money goes to the MoD. Bargain! If you want a Sea king Helicopter Man Cave then visit the MoD’s for sale site.

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