What is a Man Cave?

A man cave is a space, room or even a shed where a man can retreat or entertain friends away from the main household. It is mainly a place to drink beer, watch sports and/or play card games. The man cave space is decorated to the man’s personal taste and usually does not fit in with the style of the rest of the house. The man cave made the world what it is today, without it we would all still be living in caves… literally. You can read more about that here.

Where should I build my man cave?

This all depends on your current living situation and how much of the common household your partner is prepared to give up to you. In the USA and Australia, man caves tend to be in garages or basements due to the extra space these places provide. In the UK however, with their tiny or non existent garages and basements, man caves tend to either be in a spare room or garden shed. Having said that, there is no set rule as to where your man cave can be. Here at Man Cave Hideout we advise going for the biggest space you can and then see what space is offered to you by your partner at the end of the conversation.

What is a man cave for exactly?

Simple answer? Drinking beer. But really the man cave can be for anything. It can be your place of solitude, to escape the family for a few hours of calm. It can be for displaying your creations or practicing guitar. You can use it to watch exploding things on TV that the rest of the family do not want to watch. You can use it to entertain your friends and throw a party without fear of wine being spilled on the white carpet in the living room. It is your space. You can do with it whatever you want.

Do I really need a man cave?

Of course you do. There is a fundamental need for personal space deep inside every man. A man’s very well being and happiness stems from his ability to have alone time and calm amidst the noisy day-to-day life that exists outside of the man cave walls. Your relationship with your partner will be richer and happier with a man cave in your lives. Answer this question: Where do you go when your wife or girlfriend has her friends over for a girly night in with wine and humus? The pub? The bedroom for an early night? Well, if you had a man cave you would actually find yourself looking forward to those girly nights in. Likewise, if you want your friends over to watch the big game, do you take control of the family TV for the next 4 hours or do you allow your family full use of the house whilst you retreat to the man cave? A man cave is essential to a happy home life for everyone.

How do I stop my wife coming into the man cave?

You don’t! The man cave is not just your space. It can be used by her too. In fact, it should be encouraged so that she too appreciates the wonder that is your creation. The truth is, most wives and girlfriends like the idea of you having your own space. Believe it or not, they like it when you are happy. They do not like it when you are grumpy and irritable. Man caves have this magical power that casts out all grumpiness and irritability from men. So allow her to experience the magic of your man cave. Let her in and soak up all those good vibrations and show her your man cave is not just a beer den and smoke stained cesspit of yuck (unless it is just a beer den and smoke stained cesspit of yuck). The only thing I would caution against is allowing your partner to suggest decorating tips. “Can I add some more colour?” are words that should be banned in the man cave.

How much does a Man Cave cost?

It can cost thousands or it can cost nothing at all. If you start slowly you could probably get the beginnings of a man cave with just what you have lying about the house. Over time you can add things which you might find on Amazon or in obscure back street shops. The more you get into it and the more your vision begins to be realised, you will find yourself wanting to spend more money on your man cave. Before you know it, you will have created a home within a home that is all yours.

Do I need to be a DIY expert?

Of course not. Some things you will no doubt have to assemble and build yourself, but a bit of trial and error and man’s natural ability to use a screwdriver and some spanners will eventually kick in. You may need help in the construction of large things that may require cement and a trowel but that is what your builder friend is there for. You may not know how to wall paper or lay flooring, but a quick search on YouTube and you will probably be good to go. Just make sure you take your time and if it doesn’t look right, start again.

Does my man cave have to have a theme?

No it doesn’t. But if you are just going to use the same materials and ideas that run through the rest of the house, you are not creating a man cave, you are creating a spare room. That is not to say you have to have a man cave in the style of the USS Enterprise or Manchester United. You can loosely decorate your man cave in any way you want that might not even have a theme. Motorcycle pictures on one wall and guitars hanging on the other wall? Why not. Maybe you got an old Budweiser branded cooler from somewhere, that doesn’t mean you have to theme your man cave in Budweiser paraphenalia. Novelty tidbits and random manly things need not fit into any particular theme. the most important thing is that you like it and feel comfortable in it. Using some pink cushions you found in the loft just for the sake of having cushions is probably not a good idea unless you want pink cushions. If you are looking for theming ideas, check out these themes for inspiration.

Is using the term “man cave” a bit sexist these days?

No, political correctness has just gone mad. You may use the term with pride and without fear of accusations of sexism. If you do get accused of that, just know that it is not an illigal term, it is not offensive and those that are offended by it should not be allowed out in public without supervision.

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