Jonathan Benn

Former designer of bar and pub interiors and founder of Man Cave Hideout. Currently living in Africa working on a safari lodge lounge and bar area.

Is Sony A-Mount Dead?

Is the Sony A-mount dead? Long live the A-mount.

Someone told me the Sony A-mount is dead in the water. Really? Recently I have found myself wanting a new…

best beginner electric guitars

Top 5 best beginner electric guitars

I wish I had learned to play the guitar when I was younger Once you have uttered those…

90s Prince albums

90s Prince albums – A Lost Decade?

In the previous post I gave a summary review of Prince’s 80’s albums and Prince gave us 3…

prince albums 80s

Prince albums: The 80s in review

Prince should be in any man cave music collection. His music will elevate the status of your man cave…

Ultimate Man Cave

The ultimate man cave: June 2017.

The Ultimate Man Cave monthly showcase begins here There will always be much debate about what the ultimate man cave…

sea king helicopter man caves

Sea King Helicopter Man Caves

Sea King Helicopter Man Caves – What? Really?

The Man Cave Cocktail Recipe

Here is the recipe for the Man Cave Cocktail. Enjoy. Yes, there is a man cave cocktail for you to…

Best Man Cave table games

Man cave table games: Where men compete for beer and titles.

It might be a game to you dear, but to me it is an essential part of life. Man…

Origins of the man cave

What are the man cave origins?

The Man Cave Origins, Conceived by Man, for Man So, what is the man cave for? Well, we…

Man cave posters

Man cave posters – Why?

Am I looking for man cave posters or signs? It is important to distinguish the difference between posters and

Man cave gifts

Man cave gifts. Ideas so cool, any man would love them.

Rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. There are man cave gifts for everyone. There is probably no subject more diverse…

Man cave furniture

Man cave furniture – essential for putting beer on.

The essential man cave furniture guide If you are starting from the beginning and still figuring out what to put…

Man Cave lighting

man cave lighting – Shed some light on the subject

Let there be light with man cave lighting Now it is time to light up your man cave. Man cave…

Man cave flooring

Man cave flooring – Important?

I gazed upon my man cave flooring and all I saw was filth. What on earth do you put…

man cave chairs

Man cave chairs. Recliners – our top picks.

So you want your friends to come around and watch the big game. Sure, they say. Yet when they…