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Welcome to the Man Cave Hideout.

This site is not only for man cavers around the world, it is also for anyone who likes manly things. Whilst at the moment the the Man Cave Hideout is pretty much geared to helping men with their man cave ideas, as we expand we will add anything that we feel would be interesting, even if it has nothing to do with man caving at all. We will review stuff that we think we will like, and if it turns out we do not like it we shall say so. We will also write random thoughts and findings that, to most non men, will appear nonsensical and pointless. I am especially looking forward to writing about those must-have gadgets that go “whirrr” and can be bent and contorted into different things, yet do not actually have much purpose other than to satisfy man’s large-brained gadgetry desires.

Think of the Man Cave Hideout as your own man cave. A place you can come and be yourself whilst reading about interesting things that satisfy your manly brain. Even if you do not have a man cave of your own, you can make this place your very own virtual man cave. You can hideout here as long as you like (or the wife allows) joining in with millions of men around the world doing just what you are doing – escaping E! Entertainment and TLC on the TV.

Who needs a purpose when inevitability makes us essential?

Man cave hideout gravitational waves

So what is the purpose of mancavehideout.com? It has no purpose. It is here because it has to be here. Purpose is not a word that is needed to explain the existence of this site. No, this site is here because galaxies somewhere in the universe collided and the consequential gravitational waves soured across the cosmos and shifted the space-time continuum back here on planet earth. The consequential shock of such a shift meant that men across the world found themselves consumed by feminism and potpourri. Something had to be done to address the balance so the Man Cave Hideout has ended up filling the void. It was inevitable.

I miss my monthly dose of manly content. Even if trees had to die to provide it to me.

Man Cave Hideout Aston Martin

Magazines used to fulfil this function with their manly stories and scantily clad, bikini showcases that bordered on the verge of soft porn. These magazines would tell us about great products designed by men for men. They would showcase new music that wasn’t Adele. They didn’t overwhelm us with celebrity gossip and instead showed us why Aston Martins are so much more important to the survival of the species than Kim Kardashian. Life was good when these magazines were part of our lives. Alas, the age of the internet took over and we started using tablets and phones to get our daily dose of no-frills journalism. This meant these magazines had to turn to the web to try and continue their quest to keep men happy. The problem with having a men-only demographic to focus on however, is you find yourself competing with the world of online porn. Try entering “men only website” into Google and see what you get.

Man Cave Hideout Loaded

These magazines soon struggled. Many went out of print and their online presence just about keeps them going. Others are still about but the nature of their content has been somewhat commercialised to the point that every other article is sponsored. The rawness of those original publications has gone. Man is once again at a loss.

Man Cave Hideout proves that men only sites need not be porn.

Man Cave Hideout Ferrari

Luckily for us, we have found a niche on the internet that allows us to target men only without being sucked into the world of porn. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with porn per se, but when you are trying to start a new venture that flirts with the very thin divide between porn and super cars, you need to make sure men looking for specs on the latest Ferrari don’t get the specs of Cherry Ferraria by mistake.

So the man cave is our vehicle to growing a fantastic men-only website uncluttered with pink and fluffy things and is instead all about beer, cars, tools, sport and gadgets that go “whirrr”. At Man Cave Hideout we will not deviate from our mission “to provide a no-fluff experience of the world around us without referring to any reality TV”. We will update the site regularly and if you sign up to our newsletter then we will let you know when new content is added. Please feel free to suggest content and, if you would like to see your own article online, why not send it to us and if we like it we will upload it.

This is just the beginning. Obviously, in time this will no longer be just the beginning so I will update this page accordingly. But until then, welcome to the dawn of man… again.

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